David Paskett exhibition at Majlis Gallery Dubai

Drawn to Dubai David Paskett 3rd May to 8th June 2014


A heaven made from hell

Santorini is a unique place in its volcanic origins, a mythical place in its history and a spectacular place to explore in our own time. On a modern-day painting odyssey we will take you from its towering heights to sea level leaving impressions that will be as varied, bright, colourful and memorable as any post card.

Painting Holiday - SPAIN • ANDALUCIA • ARACENA

Gentle landscapes and the prettiest of villages

Geraniums cascade from balconies, storks nest on top of tiled church spires and dogs lie in the shade - it's a sleepy area but utterly delightful. For those looking for a week of tranquility as well as painting this is the place.

DAVID PASKETT PRWS - Chinese Whispers - Hong Kong

David Paskett - Chinese Whispers - David Paskett, PRWS
2 - 13 November, 2010
Artist will attend the Opening Reception on
Tuesday 2nd November 2010, 6-9pm

The artist will be talking about his work during the exhibition

Picture This Gallery
Suite 1308
13th Floor
9 Queen's Road Central

The exhibition will continue until Saturday 13th November

Painting Holidays in Italy • Tuscany • Val D'Orcia September 2011 and Kerala India October 2011

Meditations in a myriad of colours

Kerala will permit you to use every tube of colour you possess. Greens will be prominent but be prepared for the flashes of pink, gold and blue of both kingfishers and saris. We have deliberately scheduled time for you to both enjoy your painting and sometimes, perhaps, just sit in the shade and drift a little.

Classical mix in burnt Siena

A week of rural retreats contrasted with some of the most famous and beautiful Renaissance towns in Europe.

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